Timing Belts

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1. Rubber Timing Belts

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Subham timing belts Rubber Timing Belts are manufactured with Chloroprene Rubber and Fiber Glass Cord as Tension members and are available in a wide range of pitches. Fiber glass cord offers high bending flexibility and zero elongation.

2. P.U. Timing Belts


Subham timing belts PU Timing Belts are manufactured with High Quality Polyurethane Compounds and are reinforced with Steel Wire or Kevlar or Polyester cord as tensile members.

3. Double Sided Timing Belts


Subham timing belts offer Double sided timing belts both in Rubber & PU. They are also known as Twin Power (Double sided Tooth) Timing Belts. `

4. Timing Pulleys


Timing belts run on Timing Pulleys. Such pulleys are dynamically designed and manufactured. The belt tooth must fit exactly in the gullet of the pulley. Timing Pulleys manufactured from Aluminium and EN8 are available with us.

5. Open End Timing Belts


Also known as Linear Drive Timing Belts (APT® M), these belts are available in long lengths of 100 meters and can be easily cut and used. Generally, timing belt clamps are attached on both the ends of the belts.

6. Welded & Flex


In view of our MISSION, APT had developed the technology to be able to provide endless timing belt of any length on immediate basis. APT Welded Endless Timing belts (jointed timing belts) and APT Flex belts (Long length truly endless timing belts) are easily available with us.

7. Timing Belt Conveyors


aAnother remarkable feature of modern day use of timing belts is Timing Conveyors. Timing Belts with additional backings such as sponge, linatex, clear pu, rubber, etc. act as conveyors with accurate timing. Also belts with self tracking, noise reduction, profile on top surface, special pitch belts, special designs, etc. are also available.


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