Conveyor Belts

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1. PU Conveyor Belts

PU Conveyor Belts are generally used in Industries such as food and packaging.

2.PU Round Belts

Polyurethane Round belts are also known as Thermo – Weldable Polyurethane Round Belts since they can be joined to form a circumference of any size. They are available in diameter ranging from 2mm to 18mm in roll forms. They are available in Non Reinforced (Rough Surface) and Reinforced (Smooth Surface). Special Jointing Kit comprising of jointing Clamp, Heater and cutter is available to join these belts.

3.PU V Belts

Ordinary V Belts made from Polyurethane are available in long lengths in roll forms. These belts are available in various shapes such as Plain / Super Grip (Rough top) / Conical, etc for use in various conveying applications. They can be joined just like PU Round Belts and are easy to install on the machine. An added advantage of these belts is that they can be reused even after elongation.

4. PU Apron Belts

PU Apron Belts are generally used in machines where the conveyed material should not stick on the surface of the belt for eg. Cross Roll Carding Machine in Textile industries.

5. PVC Conveyor Belts

Conveyor belts with PVC Surface of various types such as plain, smooth, rough top, high supergrip, diamond, etc are widely used in a variety of industries such as textile, pharmaceuticals, food and packaging, etc. for conveyor purposes.

6. Rubber Conveyor Belts.

Rubber conveyors offer high heat resistance as compared to PVC conveyors. They are used for heavy applications such as mining, coal, cement, etc.

7. Timing Belt Conveyors

Another remarkable feature of modern day use of timing belts is Timing Conveyors. Timing Belts with additional backings such as sponge, linatex, clear pu, rubber, etc. act as conveyors with accurate timing. Also belts with self tracking, noise reduction, profile on top surface, special pitch belts, special designs, etc. are also available.

8. Special Conveyors

Above conveyor belts can be fabricated as per customer’s requirement such as attaching self tracking guides at the bottom, cleats and profiles on the top surface, additional coatings on surface, etc. 

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